How much does it cost to ship a car by train?

Answer According to, an average size car shipped by train from Ohio to San Francisco, California costs approximately $1,160, as of November 2009. This cost quote does not include delivery to a... Read More »

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Q. What is the cost to ship Maruti Alto Car from Bhopal to Kerala by train?

It is better to drive the car from Bhpal to Kerala, it will take only 1600Kms, 3days with alto, depends on model, if it is new one you opt to drive,

Cost of tickets of rajdhani train from guwahati(assam) to delhi and other train if possible.?

Rajdhani ExpressAC 3-tier AC 2-tier AC 1st Class2290 3150 5375Poorvottar Sampark Kranti Express/12501 Sleeper 3A 2A 1A630 1630 2385 4130

How much does an actual train car cost used Just a basic freight-train car.?

Used Hopper cars can run from 10,000 (for a pretty old one) to 50,000 dollars. Tank cars come in so many varieties and so many accessories, they can be 22,000 to 80,000 used. Box cars are among the... Read More »

How much will a train ticket cost if the train had a restaurant in it?

it's the same price, Prices for TGV are depending when you buy the ticket (very very early in advance ou just before) and which period (holidays are expensive). On the other side, the restaurant w... Read More »