How much does it cost to replace toilet wax seal?

Answer The cost to replace a toilet wax seal is less than $10 in parts, but it's labor intensive. In 2009, a Roto Rooter in Northern California charges $135 for labor per hour. At that rate, the cost is $... Read More »

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How to Replace an RV Toilet Seal?

One of the benefits of camping in an RV is the easy access to toilet facilities--no more trudging through cold or wet weather in the dark to use the nearest outhouse. But this convenience also come... Read More »

How to Make a Better Seal on a Mansfield Toilet Fill Valve Seal?

The Mansfield toilet fill valve uses two seal discs in the top of the valve to stop the water when the tank reaches the full mark. If your toilet is constantly running, you must make adjustments to... Read More »

How much should it cost to replace a toilet?

The cost of replacing a toilet is between $50 to $3,000, according to The actual cost of replacing a toilet varies by toilet size, quality and any installation fees, if applicable.R... Read More »

How to Fix a Toilet Seal?

A pool of water forming beneath the toilet generally means that the wax seal between the toilet and the flange has failed. Repairing a toilet seal requires you to unbolt the toilet from the floor, ... Read More »