How much does it cost to replace engine lifters?

Answer Depending on the kind of car you drive and the type of engine in the car, you may end up spending around $2,500 per engine lifter, and with multiple engine lifters in the vehicle you might end up ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Hydraulic Lifters on a BBC Engine?

Hydraulic lifters can wear or fail after prolonged use or from improper oil service. The design of these lifters requires that engine oil be forced through them to pressurize an internal piston whi... Read More »

How to Replace Lifters in a Chevy Lumina Engine?

As the cams rotate in the Chevy Lumina Engine, they work the lifters, which in turn control the push rods. These push rods control the rocker arms. From there, the power transfers from the rocker a... Read More »

What Causes the Lifters in an Engine to Go Bad?

Two types of lifters are used in automotive engines: the hydraulic type which uses oil inside the lifter body to keep the valve lash within specifications, and the solid lifter which has no hydraul... Read More »

How to Install Lifters in a 390 Engine?

Installing valve lifters in a 390 engine is fairly straightforward; the process is similar to installing lifters in any V-8 push rod engine. While not a project to be undertaken lightly, replacing... Read More »