How much does it cost to repair an iPod?

Answer If your iPod is no longer under warranty, repair by Apple will vary in cost by model, between $49 (iPod Shuffle) and $249 (original iPod), as of 2009. Battery replacement will cost $59 regardless o... Read More »

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How much does a screen repair cost for the IPod?

you can just buy a screen on eBay for about 15 to 20 dollars then look up on youtube how to do it and its actually very easy i have done it before you just have to make sure that all of the clips a... Read More »

How Much will it cost to to repair IPod dock on Sony radio?

Ipod repair - I went for a swim with my ipod! i let it dry for past 2 days, buyt still doesnt work. Any ideas?

I hate to say this... buy the exact same one from walmart... wait a week and return the broken one!

Will apple repair my ipod?

If you bought it off eBay with warranty then yes they will cover the repair for free but if you hadn't a reciet then no it really depends on how you see it if someone else sold it to you and says i... Read More »