How much does it cost to rent a floor sander?

Answer A floor sander (with an attached vacuum feature for easy clean-up) typically rents for about $39.00 per 24-hour period. A typical 12' x 12' area will take you half a

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How do I convert a belt sander to a floor sander?

Floor PreparationRemove all floor trim. Get the floor clean and dry. Go over it with a hammer and nail set to drive down any raised heads. Leave no large splinters or obstructions.Sander Preparatio... Read More »

How to Sand a Floor With a Belt Sander?

Refinishing a wood floor usually requires renting a large stand-up drum sander. However, if you've got a smaller room, the drum sander won't work, because you won't be able to maneuver it. In that ... Read More »

How do I operate a floor drum sander?

SetupSlip the sandpaper belt onto the sander from the open side with the pad raised off the floor in the ``up'' position. The wheels on either end of the pad move inward via a lever on the side to ... Read More »

How to Use a Flat Vibrating Sander on a Wooden Porch Floor?

Wooden porches and decks are fairly durable if home owners maintain them properly. However, when not maintained, the wooden porch may splinter and crack. Once this occurs, walking on the porch is p... Read More »