How much does it cost to rent a PS3 game at Blockbuster?

Answer In 2009, you could expect to pay $7.99 to rent a PS3 game at Blockbuster. Renting from Blockbuster requires a credit card. If the game is lost or damaged, the cost is charged to the card.Source:Sco... Read More »

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Can you rent a Playstation 3 console at Blockbuster?

In addition to being able to rent video games at Blockbuster stores, video game consoles are also available to rent, including the PlayStation 3. Blockbuster stores with a Game Rush section offer ... Read More »

Can you rent games on Blockbuster Online?

As of June 2010, Blockbuster Online is testing a new "games-by-mail" rental service in Cleveland, Ohio, and Seattle, Washington. This service is not yet being tested in any other cities.References:... Read More »

Does Blockbuster Total Access let you rent games?

With Blockbuster Total Access, you cannot rent games online using Blockbuster's website. You can, however, take a DVD that you rented online into any Blockbuster store and exchange the DVD for a ga... Read More »

Is membership required to rent videos at Blockbuster?

Yes, you must be a Blockbuster member to rent movies from their stores or online service. Blockbuster charges members periodic fees to rent movies online and per-movie fees for rentals made from Bl... Read More »