How much does it cost to remove ceramic floor tile Most contractors charge 2 - 2.50 sq ft the surface under the tile would also determine the final price such as concrete plywood vinyl etc?

Answer "It is free if you do it yourself or if you want someone else to do it find a highschool kid to do for $20.00"...... This is a ridiculous answer from someone who is obviously not involved with cons... Read More »

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How do I remove old vinyl flooring tile from the surface of an existing sub-floor?

Removing the TileBuy a block of dry ice. Open the windows in the space and remove any pets. Put on protective gloves and goggles. Put the block of dry ice on top of the first tile until you see it ... Read More »

How do I remove vinyl tile from a concrete floor?

Pull up the FloorWork the sharp edge of a chisel underneath the edge of the vinyl flooring. Push up on the handle to pull up the edge. Grab the edge of the vinyl, and pull until the tile comes up. ... Read More »

Concrete Surface Preparation for Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic floor tile requires a solid, unyielding surface as its underlayment, as any movement will cause the tiles to crack. Concrete is an excellent base for ceramic, but only if it's smooth and fl... Read More »

Can i install bamboo over a vinyl tile on plywood floor?

Bamboo can be installed over vinyl tile on plywood floor. Since you will be nailing or stapling the bamboo to the floor, the nails or staples will go through the vinyl into the plywood below. It is... Read More »