How much does it cost to refinish wood floors?

Answer Answer About $80 to rent a floor sander and polyurethane is about $25 a gallon. So depends on how big of an area

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How do i refinish oak wood floors?

Prepare the RoomRemove furniture and clean the oak wood floors. Remove shoe molding from around the edge of the floor with a pry bar.Sand the FloorSand the entire oak wood floor with a vibrating sa... Read More »

DIY How to Refinish Wood Floors?

Wood-floor refinishing starts with taking up the old finish, which generally consists of wood stain topped with varnish or polyurethane. The most effective way to strip the floor down to bare wood ... Read More »

How to Refinish Wood Floors?

Under old, soiled, dirty carpet may be a beautiful wood floor screaming to be reintroduced to your home. A little hard work and you could have the hard wood floor you've always envied in the homes ... Read More »

How do I clean& refinish wood floors?

Clean the Wood FloorsSweep the wood floors clean with a broom. Spray the wood floors with a mixture of neutral pH dish soap and water and mop the wood floors clean.Sand the Wood FloorsSand the wood... Read More »