How much does it cost to refinish a dining table?

Answer The cost of refinishing a dining table is typically between $150 to $1,600, according to The actual cost varies by table size, finish quality, materials used and any labor fees... Read More »

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How to Refinish a Wood Dining Table?

If the finish on your wood dining table is fading or flawed, rejuvenate its appearance by applying fresh stain and varnish. Before you begin, understand one very important point. Finished wood dini... Read More »

How to paint or refinish a ceramic tiled dining room table?…

How to Refinish a Dining Room Set?

A brand new dining room set costs as much as several hundred to several thousand dollars. Not all homeowners can afford such high prices, so they turn to refinishing their old dining room sets or l... Read More »

How Big Should Your Dining Table Be?

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