How much does it cost to put in hardwood floors?

Answer Hardwood flooring installation costs between $2.75 and $3 per square foot, excluding flooring materials. Moisture barrier, sound control and plywood underlayment costs are not included in the floor... Read More »

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How much does it cost to clean hardwood floors?

If you have a broom, bucket, mop and water, it costs next to nothing to clean hardwood floors. Sweep, then mop lightly with cool water. If desired, use a hardwood cleaning solution--that can be pur... Read More »

How much do hardwood laminate floors cost?

Hardwood laminate floors costs will depend on the square footage you need. Some lower end floors will cost .89 a square foot and you may spend up to $3.50 for a good brand like Armstrong in a cheer... Read More »

How much do laminate&hardwood floors cost?

The most important point in determining the cost of a new hardwood or laminate floor is the floor's size. Laminate is generally cheaper than hardwood, with prices as of 2010 ranging from $3 to $4 ... Read More »

Can you change natural oak finished hardwood floors into cherry oak hardwood floors?

You can change the color and type of stain on hardwood floors. First, you need to sand away the other finish, in this case the natural oak finish. Second, you need to stain the well sanded floor ... Read More »