How much does it cost to promote your video on YouTube?

Answer Basically, YouTube "advertises" your video by placing itin 2 ways: A) on their homepage in a rotation with other "promoted" videos, and B) at the top of search results ifyour video is "relevant" to... Read More »

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How to promote a YouTube video?

show it to your friends and family and ask them to pass it on!join blogs where people talk about music and post your link on their, but dont spam cause everyone ignores themif theres other people/m... Read More »

How do I promote my Youtube video?

first, use the shortlink to your videos, not that long URL.the long link you posted is too long,you could of just done this by clicking on the share button.then the ... Read More »

Why does it take so much longer to upload your own video thats only 13 minutes long youtube?

The length doesnt matter as the Quality ergo the file size so I always say about a minute per MB is around average on a slow connection and then it will take time to process depending on what file ... Read More »

How much does a featured vid on youtube cost?

It's actually called "promoted videos", it's pretty much advertising your videos, and you get special features for your videos when you promote them, like call-to-action which allows you to adverti... Read More »