How much does it cost to produce a Broadway play?

Answer The cost of producing a Broadway play can be high, with the minimum costs of production running at least $10,000,000. Production costs vary based on factors such as how long the play will run, acto... Read More »

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What musical is on Broadway that a famous talk show host helped produce?

David Letterman is niether Democrat nor Republican. He's voted both parties in past elections.

What was the first Broadway play?

No one knows what the first play ever to be performed in the area was, but the first long-running play on Broadway was a musical called "The Elves" in 1857. However, "The Black Crook" from 1866 is ... Read More »

What is the definition of a Broadway play?

A Broadway play is defined as any type of musical or play that has been performed in Manhattan, New York City on Broadway--home of many major theaters. Having a performance on Broadway is often con... Read More »

How to Dress for a Broadway Play?

When seeing a Broadway play for the first time, there can be lots of confusion over how to dress for a Broadway play. This article will describe what is generally acceptable.