How much does it cost to per hour for a printer repair of a 4700 printer?

Answer If you think it is the fuser just repalce the fuser, that will be around $250and you can do that your self

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How much does it cost for a printer repair per hour if i need a new Fuser ?

The fuser pulls fairly easy. It's like a 5 - 10 minute job but you'll probably still be charged a full hour. So figure between $60 - $100 labor. Looking at the picture of that printer the fuser is ... Read More »

Can you repair a 4700 laserjet printer ?

Yes, I can. I've been repairing them for years.

How much does ink for a printer cost?

Actual ink runs about $3 per ounce, much less if you buy in bulk.Ink cartridges vary depending on brand and model and can cost anywhere from $10 to $50.

Why does printer ink cost so much?

Printer ink costs so much because there is very little competition. The manufactures of printers have a monopoly going. It is much like General Motors or Ford selling you a car and saying you have... Read More »