How much does it cost to operate an electric heater?

Answer The cost of an electric heater varies depending upon the wattage and location. An electric heater can vary from 600 watts to over 1400 watts. Electricity costs vary from 7 cents to 23 cents per wat... Read More »

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How much does my gas heater cost to operate?

The cost of operating a gas heater depends on how much it is used, so naturally the cost tends to be higher in colder climes. But in a typical American city, Omaha, Nebraska, the average annual ope... Read More »

How much does it cost to operate an electric fireplace?

As of 2009, electric fireplaces generally cost about 3 cents per hour to operate on the flame-only setting and 7 cents per hour when the heating component is used.Source:Victorian Fireplace Shop

How much does an electric water heater thermostat cost?

An electric water heater thermostat is responsible for controlling the water temperature of an electric water heater. There are a number of online distributors that offer electric water heater ther... Read More »

How much does it cost to burn an electric fireplace heater?

An electric fireplace heater typically has two settings: A "high" 1,500-watt setting and a "low" 1,000-watt setting. The rate you pay for electricity will determine operation costs. Using an averag... Read More »