How much does it cost to make universal remotes?

Answer Universal remote controls that are mass produced often cost no more than a dollar or so to make. The automated production lines and very low cost of electronic components keep the cost very low in... Read More »

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Does all universal remotes work on any tv?

They work on most of them. Some of the functions may not work. If you have a very old TV or an unusual model, you may have a problem .

How much does it cost to go to Universal Studios?

As of 2010, ticket prices online for Universal Studios Florida range from $79 for an adult and $69 for children ages 3 to 9 for one-day, one-park access to $169.99 for an adult and $149.99 for chil... Read More »

Codes for universal-8-in-1 remotes?

i think so because u can drive a remote control on night and it doesn't work of any think other then the remote it may be illegal though in some enclosed spaces as there's a danger u wont be able t... Read More »

Who makes philmore universal remotes?

Philmore universal remote controls are manufactured my Philmore USA Electronics. As of the company's 2009 catalog, Philmore offered more than two dozen models of universal remotes controlling hundr... Read More »