How much does it cost to make a half pipe?

Answer According to, it costs between $450 to $1,550 to make a half pipe. This price includes the cost of wood (which varies by size, location and material) and metal pipes. Not included ... Read More »

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How much does a bicentennial half dollar coin cost?

The value of the 1976 Kennedy bicentennial half dollar is 50 cents, or face value, both for circulated and uncirculated coins. Halves minted that year for circulation had no silver content and ther... Read More »

How to Make a Techdeck Mini Half Pipe?

here is a ramp that you can easily make in about 5 is not the best, but it will do for some fun finger boarding.

How much does the cast of two and a half men make?

How much does Jon Cryer make on Two and a half men?

450,00 per episode. 1/2 of what Sheen makes per episode.