How much does it cost to major in photography?

Answer Usually 20 and 40 thousand a year for four years.

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How to Major in Photography?

Pursuing a college degree in photography can lead to a rewarding, life-long career. Whether shooting pictures as a photojournalist, working as a commercial photographer or specializing in fine arts... Read More »

If I want to major in Photography do I have to take any other classes?

Answer The college or university will set the requirements for a degree. A degree will require classes in more than one area and must cover the basics in order to meet the certification and accre... Read More »

Photography Major Scholarships?

Depending upon the school and coursework, professional photography school costs can vary greatly. Courses can cost up to $900 each and are in addition to required cameras, supplies and lenses. Some... Read More »

Schools That Major in Photography?

Photography is a creative skill that many students turn into professional careers. If you are interested in majoring in photography, look for schools around the country that offer this degree progr... Read More »