How much does it cost to leave on the computer on all night?

Answer Well try this out, If you put the unit into sleep, or power-saver mode ( monitor and hdd go into shut down mode ) you are probably looking at about 50 to 100 watts per hour, or 0.05 to 0.10 Kw-hr o... Read More »

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Is it bad to leave your computer/lap top on all night?

I believe it is bad for you to leave you laptop on while not using it or sleeping. 1. It might cause shortage of battery life.2. It might burn out your hard drive, even if only using AC/Adaptor.3. ... Read More »

I Leave my computer on every night?

mine too, it's online 24/7.problems that may arise:- glitches from malwares, hackers, bots; so be ready to reformat and reinstall windows or make a backup of the whole c drive and you important fil... Read More »

Should I leave my computer on or switch it off at night ?

No.There's arguments both ways on which is best - some that seemed to be pulled from some pretty crazy places.Owned & built alot of computers and nothing wrong with shutting down every night. Forge... Read More »

Should I Shut-Down My Computer At Night Or Leave It On?