How much does it cost to install a window air conditioner?

Answer Installing a window air conditioner is relatively easy to do and can be completed with basic hand tools. If no tools are available, local handymen can usually be hired for $20-$25 an hour. Dependin... Read More »

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How do i install an air conditioner in a window?

Prepare the WindowInstall the mounting bracket in the window frame if you have a heavy air conditioner. The bracket will need to be screwed down on the inside windowsill with sheet metal screws or ... Read More »

Approximately what is the cost per month to run a 5000 BTU window air conditioner in a small bedroom?

At full cooling they use about 5 amps, or 600 watts., which if used for a hour would be 0.6 kw/h, At 12 cents US average for electricity if would cost about 7 cents an hour. So about 1.72 a day if... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover a window mounted air conditioner that fell out of the window and damaged the building?

It might. there might be some argument if the company is picky over the installation of it. If it was there when you moved in the building owner has to deal with it.

How much does it cost to install floor and window trim?

Window and floor wood trim is sold in 10-foot sections and priced by the linear foot. Prices fluctuate according to the lumber market. The price of a section of oak wood trim at $1.59 per linear fo... Read More »