How much does it cost to install a shower stall in a bathroom?

Answer The cost of installing shower stalls averages $2,000 for a fiberglass shower stall and $3,000 for a tiled shower stall without doors. Add $150 for shower door installation. The price of the average... Read More »

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How to Install a Bathroom Fan in the Shower Stall Ceiling?

A bathroom exhaust fan clears your bathroom of moisture and heat while you're using the shower, which can help avoid mildew and mold growth, and prevent plaster walls in the room from softening. If... Read More »

How do I re-caulk a bathroom shower stall?

RemovalScrape away the old caulk from the shower stall seam with a pair of needle-nose pliers or a razor blade. Hold the pliers or the razor blade at an angle, and push it against the caulk to lift... Read More »

How to Sheet Tile a Bathroom Shower Stall?

The tile in a shower stall must protect the walls from water. Beyond that, the aesthetics of the tile are entirely up to you. Among the choices is sheet tile, which consists of large mesh sheets th... Read More »

How to Turn a Public Bathroom Stall Into Your Own Private Bathroom Stall?

This will tell you how you can pick a stall in a public bathroom, and turn it into your own. This way you wont have to use a dirty toilet stall, or a possibly bacteria-covered toilet seat.