How much does it cost to heat your home?

Answer For winter 2009, it cost an average of $971 for heating per household in the U.S. For information on specific local heating costs, check with the gas or electric utility in the area. They can pro... Read More »

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How much does it cost to heat a home with gas?

A 2,000-square-foot home in the United States will have a yearly gas heating cost of about $950 to $1,200. The amount will vary according to climate and current fuel costs.Source:"Natural Home Heat... Read More »

How much does it cost to heat a home with oil?

In 2009, the average cost to heat a home with oil was expected to be $1,821 per year, or about $152 per month, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This cost varies by the size ... Read More »

Is it more cost effective to a heat Cape Cod or a ranch style home?

A classic Cape Cod house is more cost-effective than a ranch because there is less exposed surface relative to the heated area. The roof of a ranch-style house would be twice the length of a Cape C... Read More »

How can you efficiently use a natural fireplace to heat a home and what are types or brands of fans to use to blow the heat so it won't escape up the chimney?

Besides having a fireplace insert with blower installed. There is very little you can do to help a wood burning fireplace be an effective heat producer for your home. Here are a couple of items tha... Read More »