How much does it cost to have grass cut?

Answer Lawn mowing should cost roughly $20 to $30 for every half acre of lawn. Higher prices may be called for in the event your lawn is very hilly or has many obstacles to avoid. Additional charges may ... Read More »

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How much does grass sod cost per sq foot?

A lot depends on where you are, and what type of sod you're buying.In the Sacramento CA area, a homeowner can buy bluegrass fescue sod for about $0.34 a square foot. This is if you pick it up at t... Read More »

How much does it cost to install fake grass?

Fake grass costs between $1.70 and $6 per square foot for self-installed grass, depending on the type of artificial grass. Installed grass costs $6 to $20 per square foot, depending on the quality... Read More »

Is there a cost-efficient way to store or dry grass clippings?

It depends how valuable the clippings are to you. If you are saving them to feed a horse in winter, then you have to balance the cost of drying them against the cost of buying hay later on. The su... Read More »

Cost Comparison of Synthetic Turf & Natural Grass?

Synthetic turf and natural grass may have both been popular options for stadiums and fields for many years, but only recently have alternatives to natural grass moved to yards throughout the United... Read More »