How much does it cost to have 2 directv boxes?

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Will directv id card work in other directv cable boxes that are not my own?

No. They will not due to the receivers being linked to a specific account number. This account number is called a CID. The CID is actionable to a specific lease agreement, that is specific to the r... Read More »

Can I use DirecTV boxes for anything else?

You can use them as a shelf for your plants, but as far as picking up another company's satellite signal, the answer is no. Each company's equipment is different and if you want to use another sate... Read More »

How do you upgrade directv boxes?

Call Corporate at 1800 531 5000 and ask to upgrade your box. its 200 for an HD DVR, 100 for both the HD and DVR seperate, and 70 for the Standard Box.

Should old directv boxes be thrown in the trash can?

Try searching on ESPN, Itvis usually broadcast there. Or on sky the channel is. In the late 200's