How much does it cost to go to cosmetology school?

Answer In 2009, the cost to go to cosmetology school can range between $10,000 and $15,000 for students who are studying hair styling. Students who wish to study nails and esthetics will pay less for thei... Read More »

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How much is cosmetology school in San Diego?

While costs vary, depending on the program, a training center such as the San Diego Paul Mitchell school costs about $21,000 for the education and supplemental materials. Most cosmetology schools o... Read More »

How much does a new school bus cost?

The cost of a new school bus varies depending on the model, and the size. Blue Bird is a common model school bus. The average cost for a 66-passenger school bus ranges between $80,000 and $95,000.S... Read More »

How much does private pre-school cost?

It depends, if you choose a church run pre-school that's usually the best rates. They charge about $200 a month, that's a lot more affordable than childcare and they get a great start! Most of th... Read More »

How much does nursing school cost?

Nursing school can vary in cost from as little as $2,500 per semester for a local community college to $40,000 per semester for a private university. This cost usually includes costs associated wit... Read More »