How much does it cost to give birth to a baby in Vietnam?

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How much does it cost to give birth?

After you give birth how long should you wait to give birth to a baby again?

It is best to wait at least a year to try to get pregnant again so your body can fully heal before going thru the same rough process again. If you get pregnant soon after having a baby the chances ... Read More »

Does it cost more to give birth to boy than a girl?

Answer Shouldn't be much different except for the circumcision, if that's something you elect to do. Raising girls generally costs more, since you have to buy so much for them. But boys cost a lot... Read More »

When you give birth where does the baby come out?

If you deliver naturally, it will come out of your vagina, which can stretch an awful lot to fit a baby's head.If you don't deliver naturally, but have a cesarian section instead, the baby will be ... Read More »