How much does it cost to get your nipples pierced?

Answer It varies, the places i've been to it only cost like 20 pounds/ but if it costs a bit more then dont try and find somewhere cheaper go to that one as the one that costs more may be a better piercer/

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How much does it cost to get you nose pierced?

Never heard of grasshopper But averagely £5-£10

Is it gross to get my hips pierced?

i dont think theres anything sexy bout that.. kinda weird

How much does getting your ears pierced hurt?

2, it hurts almost nothing! What hurts a lot is when you're sleeping if you sleep on the side of the hear that got pierced but if you sleep on the other side you won't even feel it! So don't worry,... Read More »

How old must one be to get there bellybutton or hips/neck/collar bone pierced?

No reputable piercer will do surface piercings or microdermals on someone under 18. Hips, neck, and collarbone are out. Your parent would have to be there with you to get your navel done.