How much does getting your ears pierced hurt?

Answer 2, it hurts almost nothing! What hurts a lot is when you're sleeping if you sleep on the side of the hear that got pierced but if you sleep on the other side you won't even feel it! So don't worry,... Read More »

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How much does it cost to get your nipples pierced?

It varies, the places i've been to it only cost like 20 pounds/ but if it costs a bit more then dont try and find somewhere cheaper go to that one as the one that costs more may be a better piercer/

How much does getting your ears pinned back cost?

Ostoplasy, or ear pinning surgery, is a cosmetic surgery performed on people who have protruding or prominent ears. The procedure can cost between $2,000 and $5,000. Cost varies based on the extent... Read More »

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?

A needle is way better then a gun. With needles everything is sterile and cleaned using an autoclave whereas piercing guns which are just wiped down and not properly cleaned. With unclean equipment... Read More »

Does it hurt having your ears pierced?

go for it! ! it doesnt hurt that bad. Honestly, all it feels like is a really hard pinch for like 10 minuites. scale of 1-10.... i'd say a 3. I was 10 when i got mine peirced, im 14 now.and you c... Read More »