How much does it cost to get braces put on someone who is 13 years old?

Answer It depends:Where do you live?WIll you pay in full? (some orthos offer a discount for people that go this route)How many problems?Metal or Ceramic?How many problems?What does the cost include (appli... Read More »

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What would you do in celebration of getting your braces off after four years?

Fast food!!!! :-) Big Mac.. Chicken Royal... KFC popcorn chicken..Jam with fruity bits in it on toast.And lots of time looking in the mirror and smiling! :-) Have fun!!

What can you do if your teeth have moved years after having braces?

Answer You have to get braces again. Yeah, bummer. Same thing happened to me. I thought once you had braces that was it. Forever. Not so. Many people find that their teeth begin to move 20, 3... Read More »

Hi, how long will I have braces for the ortho said 2-3 years but...?

I got mine in late May 2010, was scheduled to get them off in November 2012, didn't get them off until late March 2013. I wore my rubber bands, and did everything I was told. They were just off by ... Read More »

Crooked teeth 4 years after braces removed?

I don't know why some orthodontist say wear retainers for a year, retainers are absolutely for life if you do not want any movement. If you can get your retainers in, wear them 24/7 until your tee... Read More »