How much does it cost to get a car stereo hooked up?

Answer Car stereo Installation charges vary according to location, complexity and the installer. As an example, as of March 2010, Best Buy charges $49.99 to install a car stereo deck, $69.99 for amplifier... Read More »

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How much does a car stereo system cost?

Car stereo systems can cost hundreds of dollars. For example, the Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD In-Dash Double-DIN DVD Multimedia AV is a top of the line system that costs $550. Less expensive car stereo sy... Read More »

How much do Web-Cams cost usually on average and how much does Skype cost, charge i'm not that familiar with?

Webcams are typically around $30, and Skype is a free service.

How much does it cost to get in to the next star like how much money does it cost?

It is simply not possible for us to travel to the nearest star. It is much too far away and far beyond our present technology.

How much current does a car stereo use?

The current used by a car stereo is calculated by dividing its wattage by 12, which is the standard voltage for cars. This calculation is called Ohm's Law. For example, if a stereo is rated for 100... Read More »