How much does it cost to fix a Sony PSP screen?

Answer As of April 2010, online retailers offer a new LCD backlight screen for the Sony PSP (1000, 1001 and 1002 series) for $19.47 to $48.99. Expect to spend about $54 for a new screen for the 2000/GEN2,... Read More »

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How to Fix Convergence on a Big-Screen Sony TV?

Before LCD and plasma-screen HDTVs, many large-screen televisions, including those manufactured by Sony, used rear-projection technology. These televisions make use of three picture tubes for the r... Read More »

How can you take screen off of a Sony subwoofer?

Some are fixed in place and can't be easily removed. I would get something like a screwdriver and lightly apply pressure behind the grill, being VERY careful to not get near the speaker's cone. I... Read More »

Sony ericcson c905 and the screen is really dim how can you fix this?

Don't just go and buy a new lcd. it might be a blown backlight fuse

Sony Wega TV, black screen?

Picture tube TV set....Blinks on and off....on and off...High Voltage Screen adjustment needs to be turned up.....Over a period of a few days is what clued me in......