How much does it cost to feed a toddler for a year?

Answer It depends on witch food you buy and how much your baby consumes it. Say you buy 12 oz. cans of powdered enfamil for 15.00 dollars each and your baby uses up the can in about 4 days, it would be ab... Read More »

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How much does it cost to feed a dog?

The cost of feeding a dog depends on the dog's size, the type of food and where you live. Feeding a dog for one year ranges from $125 to $500. Larger dogs will be at the high end of the scale. Prem... Read More »

How much does the iPhone 4 cost from Verizon wireless cost yearly on a two year contract?

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How much does wow cost for a year in poundss?

How much does pampers cost a year?

it depends wether your baby needs the loo often or not