How much does it cost to cremate a dog?

Answer The average cost to cremate a puppy is $55 to $100. Dogs up to 50 lbs. can often be cremated for $100 to $150. Larger dogs can be cremated for $150 to $300. Prices will vary based on the range of s... Read More »

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How much does it cost to cremate a cat?

Although prices around the country vary, it usually costs about $55 to $100 to have a kitten cremated and $100 to $150 to have an adult cat cremated. Fees vary based on additional services provided... Read More »

How much does it cost to cremate?

Cremation is quickly becoming as accepted as traditional burial across the country. The lower cost is a major factor contributing to the rise in this mode of disposition, but there are still many v... Read More »

How much do Web-Cams cost usually on average and how much does Skype cost, charge i'm not that familiar with?

Webcams are typically around $30, and Skype is a free service.

How much does it cost to get in to the next star like how much money does it cost?

It is simply not possible for us to travel to the nearest star. It is much too far away and far beyond our present technology.