Door was kikcked in. door not damaged just the post inside trim. cost?

Answer You could glue it back together, use long thin pin type nails which aren't hammered in all the way, leave enough hanging out so you could easily pulled them out once the glue has set. Fill nail hol... Read More »

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How much should it roughly cost to remove a entry door and install a metal framed fire rated entry door?

This cost will depend on what you are willing to save or spend.You can hire a contractor who will charge you about $125 per hour--OR you can hire a good handyman for about $50 per hour and you woul... Read More »

How much does a door cost?

depends on what type of door interior or exterior? Interior door for the slab go from $20 to $100 and an exterior door go from $80 and up.

What does a garage door cost?

A garage door can cost anywhere in the range of $800 to $7,000. The price is usually determined by the size of the door and the material used to make it. Steel garage doors start at $800, with the ... Read More »

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car Door?

Car paint jobs are notoriously expensive. This is largely because automotive paints are relatively expensive, but body-shop labor costs can be a big part of the price as well. One method of avoidin... Read More »