How much does it cost to build a wooden fence?

Answer The cost of building a wooden fence varies depending on the type of fence, the type of wood, whether the labor will be done independently or hired out and how big the fence is. Figure on about $20 ... Read More »

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How much does a wooden fence installation cost?

You need to do a few things to get the cost.Go to the store and check the prices these things.A - Fence - $ per section? (How many sections needed?)B - Posts - $ per post? (One post per section + ... Read More »

How much would it cost to build a chain link fence 100 ft?

Call a local fence builder or contractor and ask. This is called getting an estimate or a job quote.To find one just go to Google and type in your zip code and the words fence builder or fence comp... Read More »

How to Build a Simple Wooden Fence?

Wooden fences have been separating property for centuries. Fences are typically simple, but some are simpler than others. One of these is the picket fence. To keep it simple plan on using ready ma... Read More »

Materials Needed to Build a Wooden Fence?

People commonly install wooden fences for a variety of reasons, but especially as privacy fences. They tend to cost less than fences made of other materials, and if damaged, can be quickly repaired... Read More »