How much does it cost to break an alltel contract?

Answer Ofcourse you can use your phone without a sim card you absolute pillock.

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How much does texting cost for Alltel?

Alltel's text messaging rates vary according to your cell phone plan. Sending a text anywhere in the U.S. will cost $.20 per text, while international texts cost $.25. Many plans allow you to inclu... Read More »

How much does the iPhone 4 cost from Verizon wireless cost yearly on a two year contract?

you can find them in and their is also used ones.

How much does it cost for a two year contract for the iPhone 3GS?

tomorrow apple will have a metting and comfirm everything so far everything is a rumor

How much does it cost to cancel a Verizon contract?

I don't believe you can cancel any lines without a fee. If you choose to end your contract before the 2-year agreement they can charge you up to $300 something dollarsss. Also if you qot a new ph... Read More »