How much does it cost to become a helicopter pilot?

Answer Helicopter pilots seeking an FAA license (required to fly in the United States) have different requirements for flying commercially or privately. The average cost of schooling to prepare for licens... Read More »

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How much does it cost to get a helicopter pilot's license?

A helicopter pilot's license is no different from the private pilot's license in costs. A good school will run a person about $5,000. The student must first pass all the medical requirements and ge... Read More »

How much does helicopter pilot training cost?

According to, a helicopter pilot training school, the average cost of obtaining a private helicopter license is about $11,500. The average cost of obtaining a commercial helicopter l... Read More »

How to Become a Helicopter Pilot?

Becoming a helicopter pilot is an exciting career choice. A helicopter pilot may fly for emergency medical services, the military, television stations, flying tours or work as an instructor. Follow... Read More »

What do I need to do to become a helicopter pilot?

"Being a helicopter pilot takes a lot of time, money, skill and dedication," according to Helicopter School Before entering a training program it is important that the prospective pilot b... Read More »