How much does it cost to advertise on the radio?

Answer Radio advertising can be affordable or expensive, and there is no set price. How much you spend depends on several factors including the station, time of day and the length of the radio spot.The Ra... Read More »

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Why should i advertise on radio?

Radio advertising is one of the most common ways in which businesses get their messages out to the masses. Generally consisting of 30- or 60-second spots, there are numerous benefits to radio adver... Read More »

How do I advertise on KXL radio?

Initial MeetingCall or email Alpha Broadcasting, the owner of KXL. A radio account manager will make an appointment with you to conduct a custom marketing analysis. In the meeting, you will answe... Read More »

How do I advertise on Christian radio?

Plan what you want and set a budget. Decide exactly how much you can afford to spend on advertising. Remember that even though a Christian station is a ministry, it is also a business with financia... Read More »

How to Advertise on Community Radio?

Community radio stations are noncommercial, meaning they are barred by law from airing advertisements. The Communications Act of 1934 bars noncommercial stations from promoting "any service, facili... Read More »