How much does it cost per song on itunes?

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How much does it cost per song on itunes on your iPod?

It can vary for one single song. But i must warn you albums are more

How much does ios 3 cost on itunes?

iOS is the operating system of the iPhone, etc, similar to the MacOS as the operating system for Macintosh's, so it gets updated automatically. Older iPhones,iOS devices, etc, may not be able to ge... Read More »

How much does it cost to download itunes?

itunes is free. go to to download the software. have fun! most songs are 99 cents each.

How much does an MP3 player song cost?

The cost of a song for an MP3 player is dependent upon where the song is purchased. There are several different sites online where MP3s can be purchased. On iTunes Plus, the cost of a song ranges f... Read More »