How much does it cost for the first nine months of a pregnancy?

Answer Answer Well, the nine months of pregnancy are the only months of pregnancy, not the first. Depending on healthcare coverage, special needs, what accessories you buy, pregnancy can range between a... Read More »

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You are planning for pregnancy in one months you currently don't have health insurance you want to buy one with 6 months pre-existing condition Will the cost and delivery be paid by insurance comp.?

Answer Try this link for research material Hysterectomy Hysterectomy

You have no syntoms that you know of your breast are not sore you have been on clomid for four months for the past two months your period was on time now you are 10 days late you took a pregnancy test?

How many months is a dog's pregnancy?

A dog's normal gestation period lasts about 63 days, or just over two months. The numbers of days may vary slightly, with the dog will usually give birth between 58 and 68 days.Source:Claws and Paw... Read More »

How many months does pregnancy last?

Nine monthsBetween 37 to 42 weeks is the average length of a human pregnancy. Obstetricians calculate a due date at 40 weeks from the mother's last menstrual period. This translates to approximatel... Read More »