How much does it cost for diapers formula day care and clothing for a week?

Answer This is my estimate:Diapers - A large box of GOOD diapers costs about $20 and that usually lasts about 2 weeks.Formula - It depends on how old they are because the older they get, the more they eat... Read More »

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What Is the Cost of Baby Formula Per Week?

The cost of baby formula per week depends on a variety of factors, including how often the baby is being fed as well as the number of babies involved. Typically mothers can be expected to spend at ... Read More »

How much do diapers cost?

A bag of disposable diapers cost $5 and up. The cost depends on the brand, size and number of diapers. According to the National Association of Diaper Service, 70 disposable diapers a week cost $39... Read More »

How much does a year of diapers cost?

According to the Family Education website, the overall cost of parenting a child throughout their childhood is around $215,000. The average annual cost of diapers can depend on the brand of diapers... Read More »

How much would diapers cost for one year?

It really depends on what you feel is required as the parent. Like if u think your child needs lots of toys it will cost more then if you don't feel they need the toys.