How much does it cost for diapers formula day care and clothing for a week?

Answer This is my estimate:Diapers - A large box of GOOD diapers costs about $20 and that usually lasts about 2 weeks.Formula - It depends on how old they are because the older they get, the more they eat... Read More »

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How much does a year of diapers cost?

According to the Family Education website, the overall cost of parenting a child throughout their childhood is around $215,000. The average annual cost of diapers can depend on the brand of diapers... Read More »

How much does it cost to buy food and diapers for a baby?

Answerjar food cost about 35 cents and jar and formula :powder cost 12 dollars a can and 4 dollars a can for concentrated, the ready to feed can is about 6 to 7 dollars and diapers cost anywhere fr... Read More »

How much formula does a new born need a week?

A newborn baby will eat every two or three hours, and he will consume an average of two to three ounces with each feeding. In one week, he will drink approximately 168 to 252 ounces of formula.Refe... Read More »

How much formula does a newborn need a week?

BabyCenter and KidsHealth indicate that a newborn should eat roughly 126 to 168 ounces of formula per week. A good rule is 2.5 oz. per pound, but if your baby isn't producing at least five wet diap... Read More »