How much does it cost for baby gear?

Answer Depends on how much your baby needs. If he is fat or "extremely large" he requires a bit more food and drink, etc. and if he is skinny or "extremely thin" he requires less food and drink, etc.

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How to Donate Extra Baby Clothes and Baby Gear?

If you have finished raising your children, you may find that you would like to donate your baby items to expecting or new mothers. Giving strollers, play pens, toys, clothes and more to families c... Read More »

Baby harley davidson gear?

now you know why HD makes more money off licensed products than its bikes. FTF!

How much do baby vaccinations cost for the baby first year?

This is the biggest ripoff I have seen in all the bills I got for the birth of my daughter. We are paying over $816.00 a visit to the Ped. Actually, my health insurance provider is paying $816.00, ... Read More »

How much does baby food cost for a 3 month old baby?

Powders are least expensive. Powdered formula from the grocery store can cost about $50 a month, brand name powder can cost $100-$150 a month (for about 130oz of powder per month).