How much does it cost for an LA fItness membership?

Answer $39 monthly, with an initian fee that varies by state. In LA, it was $129.Check and see if your company has a program with them. I now pay $20 a month.

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How much does membership at 24 Hour Fitness cost?

The cost of a membership at 24 Hour Fitness varies, depending on the gym location and the promotional offers in place when you join. As of June 2010, membership to use only one location costs $26.9... Read More »

Can i go to any LA Fitness with my normal membership?

I don't think so because your membersip isn't with the other gyms it's just with the company but im not sure so call and ask or the next time you go ask someone that works there.

Tips for Fitness Membership Drives?

Membership drives are often held by gyms to help bring in new members and to thank their current members for using their gym services. Free food, free one-day memberships and several other approach... Read More »

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