How much does it cost for a printer repair per hour if i need a new Fuser ?

Answer The fuser pulls fairly easy. It's like a 5 - 10 minute job but you'll probably still be charged a full hour. So figure between $60 - $100 labor. Looking at the picture of that printer the fuser is ... Read More »

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How much does it cost to per hour for a printer repair of a 4700 printer?

If you think it is the fuser just repalce the fuser, that will be around $250and you can do that your self

How much should a printer fuser cost ?

It really depends on the model and the availability of the fusers. The size of the fuser also increases the cost becasuse there are more parts. For example a hp 9000 and HP 5100 fuser you are going... Read More »

How can you fix a fuser gate on a 4250 printer fuser?

Can people with no experience with a printer fix a printer fuser?

when you say fix you mean replace right? Replacing a laser fuser is very simular to changing ink, although it might be a little more techical but it can be done by the average person who follows th... Read More »