How much does it cost for a basic eye exam?

Answer A basic eye exam will include testing for visual acuity, distance and near vision and general eye health. Where you have the exam done and the type of doctor doing the exam affects the price. Indep... Read More »

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How much does it normally cost for an eye exam + contact lens exam + the actual contacts?

Contact lens prescription= $120.00 or more.Acuvue Contact lenses = $35.00 per box of six ( 1 box per eye lasts 3 months ).

How much does an eye exam cost?

An eye exam can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. This depends on what type of eye doctor you are seeing and what services you are requesting. For example, an eye exam for contact lenses costs more t... Read More »

How much does a CDL exam cost?

The cost of a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) exam varies from state to state. For example, in Texas, the exam costs only $10 (although the license costs an additional $60). In Connecticut, howev... Read More »

How much does an eye exam cost at LensCrafters?

The cost of an eye exam at LensCrafters varies greatly by geographic location. Approximate pricing in November 2009 was $64 to $150. Other factors that affect the cost include the type of exam, dis... Read More »