How much does it cost for 6 baby undershirts?

Answer It all depends on the place you shop at. At walmart if is only around 5 dollars but other places it might be 6 or 7 dollars. Does this answer your question?!?!

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How much does baby food cost for a 3 month old baby?

Powders are least expensive. Powdered formula from the grocery store can cost about $50 a month, brand name powder can cost $100-$150 a month (for about 130oz of powder per month).

How much is does a baby cost?

at my school when we had them (SVMS) we were told 500 but i think it was just to scare us not to break them go on eBay

How much does a baby baptism cost?

Babies are produced when a woman and a man (be it girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife) go through sexual intercourse. The sperm from the man goes through the woman's cervix and uterus to fertilize... Read More »

How much does baby wipes cost?