How much does insurance cost for a retail store?

Answer Simply being the owner of the tree does not make you liable. Generally, No one is liable for acts of nature. So if the tree falls due to a natural occurrence you are not liable. If however you wer... Read More »

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How do you get insurance for a small retail clothing store and what will it cost?

Answer You pick up the phone and call your local insurance agent and ask them for a quote.

How much does it cost to open a retail store?

The cost to open a retail store depends on the type of store, size, location, franchise and other considerations. Detailed planning and budgeting are required to determine what you need to get sta... Read More »

What is the average labor cost percentage in a retail store?

I have a retailer store in Illinois and it costs me between 20 - 25% on average. However, when the sale goes up, the labor cost decrease dramaticly.

How long after you close a retail store should you keep liability insurance?

Since we assume you already have liability insurance, that will cover all occurrences while that policy is in force. You will need a claims made 'tail' policy to cover you for products liability fo... Read More »