How much does a phone call cost on a cell phone bill?

Answer It depends on a lot of things. Your company, plan, and how long the call is.

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How much does a cell phone tower cost?

According to, a cell phone tower costs approximately $150,000 to build. Factors that affect cost to build a cell tower include the type, height and location of the tower, weather ... Read More »

Can I buy private cell phone insurance?

Yes you can.. Try this site.. These insure phones gadgets tablets etc

How much does the water-powered cell phone cost?

The much anticipated water-powered cell phone has not been released yet, as of July 2010, although Samsung aims to bring out a phone with this technology before the end the year. There are presentl... Read More »

What is the average cost for a cell phone per month for Americans?

In 2009, the average American spent $635.85 per year on their cell phone, according to CNet. This equates to about $53 per month on cell phone charges---making US cell phone service some of the cos... Read More »