How much does helicopter pilot training cost?

Answer According to, a helicopter pilot training school, the average cost of obtaining a private helicopter license is about $11,500. The average cost of obtaining a commercial helicopter l... Read More »

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Helicopter Pilot Training & Job Placement?

As more people continue to fly commercially, the need for trained pilots increases. Helicopter pilots, in particular, have a variety of career paths to choose from due to the wide use of helicopter... Read More »

Navy Helicopter Pilot Training?

The first airplane flown by a Navy pilot was in 1910. Since that time the Navy has developed a long and distinguished history of air dominance at sea. The three major types of planes flown by Navy ... Read More »

Accelerated Helicopter Pilot Training?

An accelerated helicopter pilot training program is a program directed at a transition into helicopters from a current fixed wing pilot's standpoint. Those that are interested in such a program hav... Read More »

Nevada Student Helicopter Pilot Training?

Helicopter flight is an intimate and precise method of taking to the air, whether for fun and hobby, as a career. Helicopter (also known as rotor-aircraft) is an expensive undertaking yet is reward... Read More »