How much does health insurance cost employers?

Answer Businesses paid an average of $12,680 for every family health plan they provided to employees in 2008, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research and Educational T... Read More »

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What is the Average Cost of Health Insurance for Employers?

The cost of Health Insurance for an employer is an average of $12,700 a year for a family of four. This number could vary widely depending on the size of the employee's family and their pre-existin... Read More »

How much does private health insurance cost?

The cost of private health insurance varies and takes in such factors as cost of deductible, coverage, age and health. For an individual, the average cost is about $160 a month. Family insurance is... Read More »

How much does health insurance cost per year?

The average yearly cost of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums (family coverage) for 2008 in the United States was $12,298. If the rates continue to rise as projected, this cost will incre... Read More »

How much does health insurance cost for employees?

The cost for employee health care insurance varies according to which plans an employer offer its employees. According to the FEHBP (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program), the cost for the Blu... Read More »