How much does health insurance cost at college?

Answer There are two ways for students to get health insurance: a school-sponsored plan or an individual plan. Costs can range from $30 to $50 per month for a single college student who has selected a $2... Read More »

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How much does health insurance cost in florida?

As of September 2009, an average family in Florida paid approximately $11,480 each year for family coverage.Source:Florida Healthcare Costs

How much does health insurance for a baby cost?

AnswerIf the parents have health insurance through their employer - their will be a "child" or "family" rate. This amount will vary depending upon your employer's plan features and group risk facto... Read More »

How much does health insurance cost per year?

The average yearly cost of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums (family coverage) for 2008 in the United States was $12,298. If the rates continue to rise as projected, this cost will incre... Read More »

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost Employees?

The average cost of health insurance to employees of a business or corporation that sponsors a private health insurance program is $12,700 a year. This is for a full-time employee supporting a fami... Read More »